Knowledge is meant to be shared, not hoarded. That’s why blogs have become such a vital resource to entrepreneurs- because blogging allows other business owners and entrepreneurs to learn from one another. While I would love for each and every lead to purchase their content from me, I recognize that this selfish desire is not in keeping with my initial desire to start a company- I want to help other business owners help themselves. So… the only way for me to ensure that I am continuing to provide mentorship to my peers and to the true ‘beginners’ in the world is to develop some sort of training model that allows me to reach the masses. Hence, my blog was born, and as I continue to grow as a business owner and innovator, so shall my blog.

Completely Free

Look, starting a business is expensive. P.E.R.I.O.D. Very few entrepreneurs have the luxury of starting a business with at least $20K in capital and no other debt. Actually, many entrepreneurs are like me. This is technically my third career- the first being a Soldier, and the second being a nurse. I am married, I have two small children with one on the way, I have a mortgage, a car payment, a couple credit cards, student loans, etc. I am a pretty typical middle-class American who is taking a big gamble and throwing all of my extra resources at my start up. And what was my first lesson? NOTHING IS FREE… Well, nothing except BLOGS!!

Every Man for Themselves

Yes, the world of business is like a never-ending competition and everyone wants to be a winner. No, you will not get a participation ribbon just for showing up and creating a website. There will be winners- there will be losers- and it will ultimately be up to you which side of the spectrum you land on. But, remember that business does not have to be cutthroat, especially when you are merely dipping your toes into the water and testing the temp. Look around and see what resources are available to you. Get out of your comfort zone and talk to other entrepreneurs.

READ! Read as much as you can- especially read blogs from industry thought leaders who can teach you amazing lessons early on in your journey. And then take that knowledge and share it with someone else.

Share Economy vs. Share Innovation

Many people are looking for alternative forms of income right now just to be able to pay the rent and keep the lights on. What used to be our most prized possessions are now turning into our most shared possessions, just to get a few extra dollars a month (our homes, our cars, even our clothes). Instead of forfeiting things you have worked so hard to earn FOR YOURSELF, why not SHARE knowledge you already have and give that away to people. This comes back to the “teach a man to fish” logic, and is something I strongly believe in. Let’s remember that the American Dream is about making a life for ourselves and providing for our families, but there is not a handbook on how to do that, is there? No. No, but you don’t need one! There are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs on the internet that hold invaluable knowledge that will benefit you and your business. All you have to do is have the discipline to go looking for it and then use it. And once again- IT IS FREE.

But, if you don’t want to write your own blogs, if you don’t have the wordsmith gift or the ability to cohesively and cleverly collect your thoughts, you can also come find me. Sign up with TechMillennial for any service and get your own personalized blog package at a discounted rate.

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