Do you like watching commercials while you catch up on your favorite cable shows? I usually do not, but I do appreciate commercials that actually offer me value. Recently I was watching an episode of The Orville and Fox was running ads for new shows that are about to premiere. These shows were selected specifically for The Orville viewers because the new shows were seeking out the same audience demographic. The target audience for the new shows had come right to them and Fox was simply exploiting this fact and seizing the opportunity to reel me into another smart comedy.

Reach Your Target Audience

Online advertising, be it over major search engines or social media, is only effective when it is put in front of the right people. The same is true of the commercials I watched during prime time. Fox would have wasted its efforts if they ran these show previews during the late morning soap opera crowd. Instead, they got the best bang for their buck by placing the ads directly in front of the people they knew would like them.

Reaching your target audience is detrimental for growing your business. Think about this- if you are a ballet school looking to recruit more children for new classes, do you want your ads to only be seen by middle aged men who like bow hunting? If you own a New York style diner who specializes in Long Island Grinders and Bronx Burgers, do you want your ads to only be seen by vegans? Probably not.

Keywords for Your Key Viewers

So how do you make sure that meat eaters see your burger ads and moms of little girls ranging in age from 3-10 see your ballet ads? It’s all about keywords. Extensive keyword research is required to ensure that your target audience can and will find you. Moreover, when hiring a service to set up your online ads, most services will include the keyword research. (If they don’t, you should think twice about what you are paying them for.)

So how does PPC work?

Pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising is a feature that allows you to only spend money when a customer chooses to click on your ad. Sounds great, right? But you must place these ads strategically to ensure that you only gets the clicks you want. In other words, you must be sure that the right keywords are in place so that the ad goes to your target audience only. Also, it paramount that your ad accurately represents the service you are offering; this, again, is to prevent you from paying for clicks that won’t benefit you.

TechMillennial Has You Covered

Not only does TechMillennial offer PPC, we include the keyword research. Do you know what else we do? To ensure that your money is going the furthest, we test the keywords we have placed in your ad to ensure that 1) your ad will actually get clicks, and 2) that those clicks are actually originating from your target audience. Once both of these specifications have been met, only then do you start truly paying per click and your ad campaign is officially launched.

Start your online advertising off right by getting the best service your money can buy. Contact TechMillennial today to get your target audience clicking!

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