Okay, maybe I’m dating myself here- but when you were a kid, did you ever play Where’s Waldo? If you are a 30-something like me, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Moreover, I also used to watch the show after school and owned a bunch of the ‘search books’ turning each page to start a new hunt for Waldo. While I loved playing Where’s Waldo as a child, I do not love playing it as a working mother who has a daily list of things to do and limited time to do them.

Consistency Matters

It is not uncommon for today’s businesses to be listed on multiple search engines and mapping tools. This has truly become the new standard for local businesses to ensure that customers can find them, BUT there is one huge factor that is often overlooked. Most frequently an issue in small to medium size businesses, companies fail to ensure that their address is listed in the exact same way on Every. Single. Mapping. Tool.

The natural response to something this small is, why should it matter if I spelled out Street on Google Maps and wrote ST on Yahoo Maps? Well, while this may seem like a very simple deviation, it is enough to send search engines scrambling and send your customers to the wrong place. Seriously.

One Online Presence

Think about this: has your company every went through a rebranding? If so, you know that your logo can change, your website layout, your standard signage, and much more. If a customer finds you on Angie’s List and sees one logo, and then visits your website and see a completely different logo, there’s a good chance that they will think they’ve changed companies. This is also true of search engines when they find conflicting information about your address. When the addresses don’t match,  your mapping service may think you have multiple locations, or it may fail to find your address at all. This is why it’s crucial that your address be written the exact same way, every time.

Be a Professional

If you are not sure what your address looks like on all of your mapping services, take the opportunity to check them. Also, if you notice that your location photo is inaccurate or that your logo is wrong, take action to fix it. Fixing these things sends a message to your competition and to your customers. Do you know what message that is? It tells them that you are a legitimate organization, with a professional staff, who cares about putting your best foot forward.

Fixing all of these elements sends on final message as well. That you value your customers time which is why you want them to find you the first time they look for you – no hijinks or magnifying glass necessary.

Don’t Have Time?

Contact TechMillennial and find out about our map consistency and other great services that can get your customers to your front door and not out searching the streets.

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